rugged teddy bear left behind
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Cruel twist of fate for Russian War Invalids after W.W.2

"Gennady Dobrov. An artist who had the courage to undertake a terrible task – to trouble people’s memory as to the enormous war crimes, who dared to let into his heart all the miseries that befell the war veterans...".

war dog tags hanging together

By Ricky Balona

Chapter 1 - Death on Route Colonial 4 (R.C.4)

Dedicated to my family and to all who lost their lives in the bloody battles along the R.C.4.

ruster war truck

By Ricky Balona

Operation Restore Hope Remembrances

We arrived on the 9th of December 1992 in the late afternoon at the airstrip in Mogadishu.

rusted metal surface showing bullet holes

By Ricky Balona

Sacred Retribution story settings

Writing Sacred Retribution here in Queenstown, I thought I would share a few photos of where the story takes place.

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