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About Ricky Balona

Born in South Africa. Lived in France for 10 years then back to Cape Town where I married my wonderful wife. We have three amazing children. Moved to New Zealand in 2008. 

As a Veteran I feel that some of our experiences were life changing. 

Served in 1 Parachute Battalion. South African Defence Force. 1982-1983 then several “Call ups” to 3 Para, 44 Parachute Brigade. French Foreign Legion 1990-1995. Served in 2 Parachute Regiment.

History and stories about war have always fascinated me. I write sometimes from experience, other times a mixture of historical facts coupled with first-hand accounts from Veterans who fought in a particular battle. I immerse myself totally in what I am writing at the time imagining what my character would be going through and feeling and how they would react. Writing is my passion and I devote as much of my time as I can to learning to improve my work.

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