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Following up from last nights post I have converted one of my eBooks on Calibre. What I find is easiest when I want to convert eBooks and then set them up on my site as a free download is publishing on Smashwords first.

Smashwords convert your eBook into different formats. As the Author, you will be able to download your eBook in different formats free of charge. Download your eBook in the e-pub file and copy it on your computer.

From there download it onto Calibre. Select the output files as Mobi, E-pub and P.D.F. Save in a folder and then add it to your site. Readers will then be able to download it in multiple formats.

Thank you all so much for the kind words and nice comments.

Please take a look at the Sacred Retribution tab in the books section on my site to download your Christmas gift!

Best wishes.


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