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Demonic Love

Hi! I hope you are all having a good week-end. It has been raining here in Queenstown all night. I am posting a few chapters of my new Fantasy novel and would love to hear some feedback from you.

Have a great week-end.


Demonic Love

Written by Ricky Balona


Chapter 1

The temperature in the room grew steadily warmer. Flames flickered higher from the five yellow candles positioned at each point of the pentagram chalked onto the tinder dry floorboards. A sulphur cloud bubbled from the surface of the black marble slab being used as a makeshift altar in the centre of the pentagram. Obnoxious fumes filled the air masking the sweet scent of sandalwoods incense burning on a holder to the right of the altar.

Hot lava gushed upward. It transformed into a thousand flickering, flaming missiles as it collided with the ceiling fan spraying the room with a multitude of burning embers. They clung to the curtains and the rug on the floor. Blue flames spread across the ceiling and descended swiftly encompassing the room in an inferno like prison.

Through the dark clouds of smoke hanging thickly in the acrid air, came the sounds of scurrying feet and beating wings. A hundred pairs of barely perceivable eyes pierced the veil of darkness.

Materializing from the lead lined bottle which had been my prison for the last one hundred and thirty-five years, I shot forth! Filling the room with more smoke, lava and flames the time was ripe for a dramatic entrance. Purposefully I positioned myself with my back toward the unsuspecting fool that had cast the spell to summon me. I was now free once more to wreak havoc and chaos worldwide.

Your basic garden variety of imps I commanded beat their wings furiously. Reaching a crescendo, the devilish noise sent shivers down my spine. I took on a form visible to the human eye. This theatrical entrance usually scared the person summoning me witless, shitless or even both. It would enable me to escape the confines of their pentagram. The novice Witch would nearly always run in terror.  Sometimes they collapsed under the intense, hotter than hell atmospheric pressure created by the release of all my pent-up energy.

Taking on the form of an eight-foot-tall yellow eyed demon I spun around. Arms outstretched, ready to pounce on my victim I prepared to give them the fright of their life! Letting out a blood curdling scream I took one menacing step through the pall of smoke then, nothing!

I spun around duplicating my dramatic entrance once more, but other than the amazing fiery illusions I created, the room was empty. My razor-sharp instincts alerted me to a human presence nearby. Beating my wings, I cleared enough smoke to catch a momentary glimpse of a young blonde-haired girl serenely sipping a glass of red wine on the balcony outside.

One hundred and thirty years I had impatiently waited for this moment! One hundred and thirty years bottled up in a perfumed jar and what happens? My grand entrance into the world of humans is an immense anti-climax. She would pay dearly for her insolence. And to top it all my eyes were burning from the smoke, it was time to capture her attention, with a vengeance!

My wings beat so fast I cleared the room totally of smoke and succeeded in blowing a stack of magazines, several bottles of condiments and a selection of garments across the room. Looking back in satisfaction I watched the bottles smash against the far wall showering the heap of clothes and floor in a mixture of ketchup, mayonnaise and honey.

Launching myself toward her back I stretched out my arms, sharp claws poised to strike, teeth ready to pierce flesh. Whack!!! In my excitement, I had forgotten about the invisible force field created by the pentagram. Intense pain flooded through my entire body. There was no way of escaping the confines of the pentagram and its protective power put in place when the young girl drew the five-pointed star on the floor. I now know what a bug feels like when it hits the windshield of a speeding car.

I straightened my nose and readjusted my horns. Impatiently I waited for her to turn around and notice the chaos I had caused in her living room. To my intense irritation she poured another glass of wine and stared up at the full moon. Flipping through a ketchup stained copy of Cosmopolitan which had blown into the confines of the pentagram I waited impatiently.

Chapter 2

An icy breeze stirred the wind chimes. Moonlight reflected off the glass of red wine beside the Tarot cards on the dark stained oak table. Far below the noisy streets echoed to the distant sounds of traffic. It was a haven of peace on the tiny balcony. The fragrance of rosemary and basil competed with the strong scent of Ayla. Ayla loved her plants. It was unconditional love. She cared for them and they flourished, bringing joy into her life. She felt as if she were alone, floating in a moonlit sky.

 Cocooned in her little corner of paradise, Ayla sipped her wine. It tasted acidic. Allowing herself to relax completely she began shuffling the cards. Thinking about what lay ahead within the following month she drew three cards from the pack placing them face down on the table. Slowly turning the cards over she drained the dark red liquid from her glass.

Past, present and future lay before her. The hanged man appeared as the card representing her past. A temporary pause in life, go with the flow, cultivate patience. That held no surprises. Her entire life seemed to have been a series of events beyond her control.

Pouring another glass of wine before inspecting her present, Ayla felt stirrings of resentment toward Kyle. He had promised to remain at her side through thick and thin, now two years down the line he decides to taste forbidden fruits by running off with one of her best friends.

Ayla flipped over the second card, Temperance. The situation is becoming more harmonious and many problems are fading away. That was true. The old lady next door would no longer bother her. The old woman’s four cats would always use her pot plants as a convenient litter box. She moved out that morning. The wine was taking effect, she chuckled at the thought of her problems fading away, was Kyle her problem? They had been through some stormy patches over the last two years but she did love him deeply. She was sure he felt the same way, well almost sure.

The Sun card in the future position showed a lot of happiness in store. Perhaps a love affair or a better job or more importantly a warm and cosy place to live. This secretly pleased her. It began to drizzle slightly. Captivated by the cards she had not noticed the sky cloud over. Draining the last few blood red drops from her glass she turned to open the balcony door.

Chapter 3

Romulus flipped through the glossy magazine. Things had changed dramatically since he last stalked the earth. Humans seemed a lot less superstitious, believing now in their own power, coupled with the myriad inventions designed to make life easier for them. Suddenly she was there. He had not heard her open the door. Their eyes met. Ayla let out a terrified scream. Dropping her glass to the floor it smashed into dozens of tiny glass slivers.

“My God, it worked!” Ayla stood shaking with fright. As a little girl, her grandmother often told her stories of how she had invoked spirits to do her biding. Ayla loved the tales but dismissed them as the ramblings of a nearly senile old woman. When her grandmother passed away Ayla found an old tattered book among her possessions. After Kyle betrayed her trust she decided that she would attempt to summon a spirit. Firstly, to get her revenge on Kyle and secondly to make the spirit steer her in the direction of the true love she so desperately searched for.

 This was way more than she had bargained for. A hideous green demon type thing stood in her lounge, complete with horns and tail. Acrid smoke filled the air, the room was in a mess. In desperation, she snatched up her grandmother’s book intent on dismissing the demon.

I had scared her but not as well as I had hoped. She had in her hands a book that could send me back to my prison, if she found the correct spell. In desperation, I attempted to stall her. I tried a subtler approach. I transformed into the doppelgänger of a handsome young man whose image was predominantly displayed, in exceptionally life like portraits throughout the cramped dwelling. Later I was to learn these were photographs, hence the reality aspect I found confusing at first.

 For a second I thought it had worked. She would invite me to join her outside the confines of the protective barrier set up by the pentagram. She blinked back tears. Stretching out her arms, a dreamy look filled her eyes. I giggled in anticipation. Soon my one hundred and thirty-five years of hell trapped in a perfumed bottle would be over. Freedom, here I come! Mustering all my talents I put on my most loving smile then blew her a kiss.

“You bastard!” She screamed. Ayla snatched up a photo hanging close to the door on the wall. It flew across the room, slicing through the protective shield of the pentagram straight at me. Its heavy wooden frame splintered against the side of my head. “Not fair!” I screamed in pain. “Why does the force field protect you and not me?”

“That is the exact smile he had on his face when he told me he would be leaving me for my best friend!” She reached for another photograph. For a second she hesitated, but then threw it at me anyway. A swift hop to the right and it missed my head by inches.

“I suppose he gave you a cute bunny rabbit as a farewell gift, am I right?” I smiled sarcastically.

Pouting for a second Ayla replied. “No, he did not! But he knew I wanted one so he should have.”

“I’m beginning to see why he dumped you.” I muttered under my breath.

“What did you say?” This time she spun around with a heavy bronze candle stick clenched in her fist. I decided to play it safe for the moment, anyway.

“I can’t understand why he deserted you.” She relaxed a little but I could see she was still very tense. Wouldn’t you be discovering your spell had worked and one of the most talented demons ever to walk the face of the earth was now in your living room? “I can make all your dreams come true. You want him back? No problem. Let me out, you won’t regret it.”

She looked deeply into my eyes. Somehow a dole eyed rabbit seemed inappropriate at the moment. Instantly I transformed myself into a musician I had seen in the special feature column of the Cosmopolitan. Posing seductively complete with guitar and bandanna I waited for her to release me. “Every rose has its thorn.” I drawled, hoping it would break down her resistance.

“Brett Michaels! Right, that’s all I need. I’m off to bed. Do your homework and maybe I will see you tomorrow.” She tossed a pile of glossy fashion magazines into the force field.

With a confident stride Ayla walked swiftly into the bedroom. Closing the door, she dropped to the cold wooden floor.

“Oh my God! What have I done?” Hugging the book of spells close Ayla felt her entire body trembling.

“What if the binding spell around the Protective Circle was not strong enough?” Flicking through the tattered book she searched for a way to dismiss the entity in the next room. Closing her eyes all she could see were those sharp claws, the evil grin and terrifying teeth.

Opening the bedroom door an inch or two Ayla peeked out hoping it was all a frightening dream. Her heart pounded. It was not a weird dream but a reality, the Demon hovered cross legged a few feet in the air as it flipped through pages of the magazines. Drained of all energy Ayla felt close to passing out.

Thirty minutes past midnight and her head ached. Popping two pain killers Ayla wondered if she should set her alarm, call in sick then carry on sleeping in the morning. When the alarm woke her, she would decide what to do. Right now, she had too much to cope with, sleep would be a heavenly escape from the thoughts of an ex- boyfriend and a demon in her lounge. Unbuttoning her jeans, Ayla wriggled out of them. She would leave her bedroom door open. If that demon got up to any more mischief she had the candlestick ready on her bedside table.

All interest in the glossy magazines vanished. I watched her slowly unbutton her tight, white cotton shirt. Moving with unconscious grace and ease Ayla captured my attention, in a way no one had for centuries.

Through the open bedroom door, I watched her undress. Her body was slim and tanned with all the right curves and bumps in all of the right places. She then untied her ponytail, Sandy blond hair cascaded down her slim shoulders.

“Ouch! Bloody hell!” An electric crackling noise reverberated around the apparent. In my excitement, I had forgotten the shimmering blue force field and pressed my face too close to it. Ayla spun around.

“You bloody pervert! You must be a boy demon! You are all the same no matter what species you belong to.” Ayla looked irritated. I might be a demon but I do appreciate beauty. Ayla was right up there with the best of them, and I had seen some real stunner’s over the centuries. Cleopatra was a bit overrated though if I may say so. A bit too heavy around the hips she was.

My reaction was swift and seductive. I transformed this time into another seemingly popular musician of this era.

“Hey baby, I heard you been looking for me. My name is Mr Right.”

The husky seductive voice just did not suit the image of Elton John complete with boater hat, oversized sunglasses and stripped blazer. Ayla doubled up with laughter. Not my desired reaction. Okay, admittedly my chat up line was a bit out of date. I decided upon a quieter silent type of character. Elton John vanished, replaced by a young, good looking man I had seen in an advert, a swim wear model I think they called him.

Ayla approached the force field. A look of interest replaced the fear in her eyes. Sparks crackled from the ends of my fingertips. In a flash, a bright red rose appeared. Holding the rose as far out of the force field as I could without my fingers coming into contact with its electrifying barrier I waited. I watched her moving slowly toward me. Our eyes met. Her gaze pierced my heart, my very soul (if demons have one).

For some unknown reason, her mixture of innocence with a hint of seduction struck me harder than the terrifying energy emitted by the force field.

Ayla felt herself drawn to Romulus. Not by any form of spell but something more. For an instant, his eyes reflected the loneliness of an eternity without love. Her heart went out to him. Tenderly she reached out for the delicate flower, the scent of which filled the room. Bright blue energy flashed inches from my fingertips creating a wall I could not pierce. Her fingertips touched the rose trembling in mine. A lone petal tumbled gently to the floor.

She hesitated momentarily before letting her shirt fall. With both hands, she tenderly took the rose from my trembling fingers. My eyes never left hers. I watched the tears well up in those beautiful brown eyes. Ayla lowered her head. She inhaled the sweet perfume. I lowered my gaze. She was truly beautiful, every inch of her.

“Zap!” I let out a high-pitched squeal. This time it was not my nose that had touched the force field. I tried retaining some form of dignity but it was difficult. My manhood had just received the equivalent of a 1000-volt electrical shock.

“Ah, boys, you are all the same!” Smiling coyly, Ayla blew Romulus a kiss. “Perhaps we got off to a bad start. Thank you, Romulus. It’s beautiful. I will see you tomorrow.” Her footsteps receded into the bedroom. By first light I had learned all I could about this new age from the glossy magazines. No matter how hard I tried I could not stop myself thinking about Ayla. This fluttering feeling in my heart and stomach was something totally new to me. Impatiently I waited for her to wake. Today would be a very special day, for both of us.

Chapter 4

Ayla repeatedly slammed the clock radio. Somehow, she managed to miss the “off” button each time. Awake now she pulled the cover closer snuggling in her warm bed. Dust specks danced along the single ray of sunlight penetrating through a minute gap in the floral curtains. She watched the sliver of light for a few minutes. It seemed impossible but the events of the previous night were all too real. How had she managed to invoke a demon? He could not be trusted. She would have to bind him somehow or send him back to wherever he came. Her grandmother’s book would explain all that.

It warned of the dangers in letting a demon free into the world. Holding her breath, she listened intently for any sounds of movement coming from the lounge. Ninety seconds later gasping for breath, Ayla slipped out of bed. Hurriedly she pulled on a thin white t-shirt. Cautiously she peered around the door. Romulus smiled alluringly from within the confines of the protective sphere. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of a hundred red roses scattered around the room. Romulus wore only a pair of swimming shorts. His body was muscular and tanned. She watched his biceps flex as he picked up a rose and clenched the stalk between his teeth.

“My love, you look radiant this morning.” I lied. Her hair was a mess, mascara lay smudged all around her eyes and the pillow had left scar like lines across her face.

“Release me from this prison and we will Tango until the sun sets.” With a snap of my fingers I summoned a band of Tango playing Imps into the circle from the world of shadows. I snatched the rose from my lips and dramatically threw it across to where she stood. Immediately I regretted my impulsive reaction, the rose thorns had bitten deeply into my lips. Cursing under my breath I attempted to ignore the pain. Regaining my composure, I waited arms outstretched for her to open the protective sphere and release me.

Slowly Ayla approached.  Cautiously she thrust the rose through the shimmering, translucent blue energy field of the sphere. Within seconds she slapped all the Tango playing Imps across the head. While my attention had been riveted on Ayla, the Imps were thrusting their hips back and forth in a perverted manner, gesturing obscenely in Ayla’s direction. Snapping my fingers, I dismissed them to their shadowy world.

“My apologies my love, but they can be a bit forward these Imps.”

She had taken a few steps backward. In her hands, she clutched the book which had enabled her to invoke me. In desperation, I begged her not to confine me to the perfumed bottle I had so long been trapped in. We stared at each other. Ayla jumped in alarm when the shrill sounds of her cell phone ringing shattered the silence.

“Oh no, it must be work. I forgot to call in sick.” She muttered. I felt a sense of power when I told her not to worry. I had taken care of everything. Trapped within the sphere I might be, but I still had enough power to summon lesser entities to do my bidding. Unfortunately, Ayla was the only one who could free me as it was her spell that brought me here. Pale faced she lifted the receiver. After a brief moment, she smiled then hung up.

“It was work, somehow the building flooded during the early hours of the morning. We are all on paid leave until the place is cleaned up. My boss said it was so bad it could take up to a month before things are back to normal!” She was ecstatic.

“Now are you beginning to understand the incredible power I wield?” Surely, she would release me now. I waited, ready to burst forth from the protective shield once Ayla cast the spell to bring it down. My heart, if I have one, skipped a beat as she turned the pages of her Book of Shadows. This was the moment I had yearned for all these years.

Ayla sat cross legged beside the protective sphere. Breathing deeply and rhythmically she began to visualize the sphere shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller. When she felt enough energy had been built up she shouted an incantation she had memorized before falling asleep. The apartment began to shudder. Ice cold shivers ran down her spine at the thought of so much power being released onto the unsuspecting world of humans. Head splitting with the pain of intense concentration Ayla directed all her willpower on the image of Romulus being forced from the protective sphere into a place of her choosing.

Chapter 5

I clapped with delight. “Here we go, I was free!” Beautiful flashes of silver light pierced the sphere. I watched it disintegrate. Caught in the powerful stream of energy I surrendered myself to its almighty force. For a split second, I stood for face to face with this angelic but extremely naive young woman. My hand reached out for her slender throat, she snapped her fingers once.

Once was all it took. The room began to twist and spin. It was if I had been caught up in a tornado. My immense powers were useless against the sort of magic she had performed. Almost as if I were trapped in a whirlpool, the type you see when you pull the plug on your bath tub. Or even worse it’s like being flushed down the toilet.

Regaining my composure, I took stock of my new surroundings. All I could see was the silly grin on the photograph of Ayla’s ex-boyfriend. To my horror I realized she had cast me into the opposite side of her amulet, the type lovers wear which has a picture each of the happy couple on either side of a heart shaped locket. Struggling to free myself all I ended up doing was pushing my face against the glass cover on my side.

Ayla closed the locket. Exhausted she slumped onto the couch. Holding the locket in her hand she fell into a deep but peaceful sleep. She had managed to keep Romulus under her control.

If the perfumed bottle that had before been my prison was bad, then this was worse. Firstly, the locket reeked of Ayla’s cheap perfume and secondly, I was forced to endure the image of her ex-boyfriend up close as I had my face squished against the glass facing his. Helpless I plotted my next move.

Waves of uncertainty washed over Ayla. She had seen too many horror movies where the malevolent spirit takes possession of a human’s body. What would happen to her if Romulus took over her physical form? Would she be in astral form floating forever in a dark and empty void? Would she replace Romulus, eternally trapped in the lead lined bottle?

Shuddering at the thought she turned up the small electric heater in the lounge. Ayla slipped on a pair of worn, fluffy slippers. The floorboards were cold. Making a cup of coffee she looked around her small apartment.

“They call this an apartment Romulus. A tiny one bedroomed cabin and lounge in a camping ground.” She touched the locket, her fingers tingled with the energy Romulus emitted. “Queenstown is the playground of the rich and famous. But unfortunately for the majority of the hard-working locals it is really difficult here.” She tapped the locket.

“Here we go again.” I thought to myself. They always tell me about their problems and how I could solve them. Do they ever stop to think about what I might want?” Romulus waited for the list of demands. But none came.

Instead Ayla stared out at the crystal-clear waters of Lake Wakatipu. Pine forests stretch up the slopes of the rugged snow-capped mountains. Look down at the boats on the water Romulus, the rich at play.”

“Are you still there Romulus?” She rubbed the locket between her fingers. A barely perceivable vibration emanating from the locket tickled her fingers. He was still with her. Then again, she had cast spell after spell over the amulet trapping him so firmly behind the protective seal set up around the locket that it was almost impossible for Romulus to escape.

I set about changing my form once again. I became a tiny bug. This enabled me to move around the confines of the locket more easily. If I could convince Ayla I held power over humans and their puny world perhaps we could strike a bargain. Within minutes I had pierced the blue veil of protection enough to make my mark on the world, albeit in an infinitesimal manner.

It was time to start demonstrating the power of my will. I could play with her emotions. Drive her insane, literally as I had done so with Joan of Arc. Who do you think was behind the voices in her head she heard from time to time?

“Can you see anything from there Romulus?” Ayla’s voice came from somewhere above. How was I supposed to see anything trapped in a locket under her t-shirt? All I could see was her cleavage, admittedly I was enjoying the view.

“I have been working on something Romulus. How do you like your new home?” Snapping her fingers Ayla chanted an incantation.

“Holy shit! Here we go again!” Caught up in a whirlpool of energy I tumbled through space. Thumping down with terrible force I lay stunned at the bottom of a glass bottle. Ayla twisted the lid then held the bottle up to eye level.

“This way we can see each other and communicate through the glass. Once I know your true intentions I might be persuaded to set you free. Do you agree to this Romulus?” She flashed a captivating smile. “You are so cute Romulus.” Ayla giggled.

Here I was, the world’s number one demon now morphed into a six-inch male swimwear model. Filled with rage I smashed against the glass bottle with my fists. “Come now little demon, stop your temper tantrums.” Ayla smiled placing the bottle on the kitchen table. Pretending to have total control of the situation Ayla sat down with an air of confidence she did not feel. Ayla lit a cigarette with trembling fingers.

She knew that she was playing with fire. Hovering on the brink of taking the decision to banish Romulus and drop the bottle into the deepest part of the lake Ayla contemplated her next move.


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