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Steele’s Verdun

Sergeant Steele is thrust into the carnage of World War One with the French Foreign Legion. Shipped from their desert outposts in North Africa to the mud and blood of Europe’s trenches the seasoned veterans fight a desperate battle at Verdun. Based on the Legion’s incredible advance through heavily defended German positions fact and fiction are intertwined.Steele must face the enemy and the Brotherhood in an attempt to rescue a young woman taken prisoner by his nemesis, Jean, who this time sides with the Imperial German Army.

Jean mentors an Austrian Corporal with a small moustache, and nationalistic views. Jean promises the German Corporal unlimited power if he joins the Brotherhood, Jean’s thirst for blood and his obsession with continual war know no limits.

Described in great detail, the reader will get a good idea of what life in the trenches was like for the average soldier.Steele set foot on the European continent with 8000 fellow Legionnaires shortly after the start of hostilities in 1914. Covered in glory and Battle Honour’s fewer than 200 of the Legion’s original 8000 members of the detachment survived to return to the war in Africa when Germany surrendered in 1918. Sergeant Steele was one of them.