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Bloody Brilliant Idea!

Hi Everyone!

I have been looking around on Facebook and on Google. Have any of you seen a promotional video of an e-book? I did not. There are posts on how to promote an e-book etc but no actual video on an e-book by an author that I have seen. I may, and probably am wrong but I did not come across an e-book clip.

I remember (not showing my age, (ha-ha!) Music in the 80’s took off when Duran Duran did amazing videos to their songs as did others.

Tonight as it is 02h09 as I write in New Zealand I will share with you what I have done and tomorrow I will show you how and with which Apps or whatever it is called I did it.

Tomorrow I will add the audio to the clip and then I will send it off on my Youtube channel and see what happens.

We are all learning at this point. If you know more and have better ideas please let me know. I would love to hear from you. We are all in the same boat, working our butts off, and at the same time, we know that we can have a better and more fulfilling life as a writer.

If we can create brilliant YouTube clips for our e-books that bring in sales, why not? We have spent months and even years on our work, lets try this out. As I said, some of you will be ahead of this and making a YouTube video clip. But for those of you starting out maybe I can help.

Below is the link to the YouTube clip which is still in progress. Tomorrow in New Zealand is Mothers Day. I am Taking my Mum bowling with my girls, then taking my wife to lunch. After I will do the audio and then set out an explanation of how I did it, so you all can do the same for your books.

Have a great Mother’s Day to all Kiwi’s and if it is not in your calendar as Mother’s Day have a good one anyways!

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