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Author Mindset

How many times have you planned to write another scene or chapter when you get home from work or after dropping off the kids at school? Somehow life just seems to get in the way!

Between two jobs, 3 kids and a two week school holiday, this last week has admittedly not been very productive on the writing front.

On my day off I had planned to wake up early and get stuck into the next Chapter. We ended up going to almost every playground in Queenstown and then the Gardens, and we did have delicious cream doughnuts!

Gardens in Queenstown

Time spent with family is really precious so I never regret each moment spent doing things together. I have tried working around the challenges that pop up every day that either distracts me from writing or makes writing impossible like going to work.


At work during my break, I research, read up on how to improve my writing or other related subjects. Once I get home in the evening the normal family routine takes place. Dinner, cleaning up and bathtime. After that, which is usually around 9pm most evenings I have the choice of watching Mama Mia or Toy Story for the millionth time with the kids or listening to my wife belting out songs on Starmaker. ( She is really damn good!) So I retire to a tiny room where I pinned a note on the board of what I am going to write the night before.

A song by my beautiful wife!

In this way, I have managed to set aside time each night between 9.30 pm until around midnight. It is my time where I can concentrate on what I would like to be doing and something I am passionate about. I treat it as a job, the one I would desperately like to make my career.

Set goals

At any one of my two other jobs if I do not meet certain standards or efficiency I would be in trouble. Why is it okay then to not take writing as or even more seriously than working for someone else? There are no immediate consequences for my actions, or are there? I can keep working my life away at jobs that don’t interest me simply for the weekly paycheck. But then my dream slips further away each day. Or I could take my writing seriously and one day be doing something I enjoy and am passionate about. At night when I take a moment and realistically jot down the following evenings goals I already know what I am going to be doing and can have some idea and think about my goal for that evening during the day. It seems much more clear and precise. I have set out a timeline of what to work towards and what I need to do on a daily basis to achieve my goals.

Believe in what you are doing.

I feel my heart beat faster when I see another review posted on one of my books. Sometimes I am elated for the entire day, they enjoyed my book and wrote a great review. Sometimes I feel despondent and guilty that a reader bought one of my books and did not enjoy reading it. I wish I could transport a reader into a world that they are captivated with, characters that they care about and want to know if there is a follow-up book on the cards. But unfortunately that is not the case for any writer. We all have different tastes and a book one reader rates as a five star masterpiece another will give it a single star.

I try and think of all the people who have enjoyed my books and take the criticism from others seriously as a leaning experience in order to do better.

Make it your Happy Place.

You are planning to spend countless hours in a tiny room with your computer and a wall papered with notes, ideas and character sketches. Make it a place you want to be. A comfortable chair, a small desk and a playlist on the computer are essential, large amounts of coffee and chocolate biscuits are pretty high on the list too!

It is now a few minutes past midnight here in Queenstown. I have jotted down ideas and goals for tomorrow and will visualize what I am going to be working on tomorrow night. For now though, it is time to get some sleep before starting work at 8am tomorrow morning.

Wishing you all the best.



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