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"Warm blood flowed over Steele’s hand. Finally the body went limp, the light in the man’s eyes faded. Around him Steele saw men locked in mortal hand to hand combat."

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Ricky Balona

Lives in New Zealand. Married with three children. Served in 44 Parachute Brigade, South African Defence Force and French Foreign Legion, 2 Parachute Regiment.
Ricky Balona. Author a book series based on the Vietnam War.

Steele's Book Series

Ricky has published three books in the Steele series over the last few years. You can find them on Amazon, Draft2Didgital or you can buy them directly from this website. Enjoy your reading!
French Foreign Legion Adventures' book cover

Jan, 2018                                                      

French Foreign Legion Adventures

Caught between the lines a Legionnaire is captured by the “Wild Men of No-Man’s Land”, deserters from both sides living in the hell of mud and blood during W.W.1. 

Steele's Death March book cover

Aug, 2016

Steele's Death March

Based on actual historical fact and first hand accounts by survivors, this novel describes the brutal Japanese Coup and the extraordinary feats of courage by the Legionnaires fighting every step of the long journey to safety. 

Steele's Verdun book cover

May, 2015

Steele's Verdun

Steele must face the enemy and the Brotherhood in an attempt to rescue a young woman taken prisoner by his nemesis, Jean, who this time sides with the Imperial German Army.

Steele's Dien Bien Phu book cover

Oct, 2014

Steele's Dien Bien Phu

Parachuting into Dien Bien Phu on the eve of Operation Castor, Steele and his small unit of Pathfinders come under heavy Viet Minh attack. 


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A Channel dedicated to desperate last stands against overwhelming odds in battle.

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Many war dog tags hanging from a wall.

by Ricky Balona

Chapter 1 - Death on Route Colonial 4 (R.C.4)

Dedicated to my family and to all who lost their lives in the bloody battles along the R.C.4.

Rusted war truck

by Ricky Balona

Operation Restore Hope Remembrances

We arrived on the 9th of December 1992 in the late afternoon at the airstrip in Mogadishu.

Rusted chains

by Ricky Balona

Sacred Retribution story settings

Writing Sacred Retribution here in Queenstown, I thought I would share a few photos of where the story takes place.

Steele's Dien Bien Phu

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